AI and Agile Recruitment: Winning in a Tough Market

people discussing Agile recruitment strategy

The current economic conditions present a unique challenge for recruiters. Only a few years ago, recruiters were tasked with filling a surplus of job openings. Now, the exact opposite is happening, and they need to pivot. As companies adjust to this new market, with some unfortunately resorting to layoffs, recruiters face a changing landscape—high job […]

Building an Effective Talent Pipeline Strategy at Any Scale

building an effective talent pipeline strategy

Business owners and managers often overlook the importance of establishing a pipeline strategy. There is a common misconception that qualified candidates will show up at every business’s doorstep, eager to work. Though filling open positions hasn’t been challenging in previous years and decades, times are changing.  Businesses that build an effective talent pipeline strategy prime […]

Strategies to Find Employees For Your Small Business

Are you looking for ways to find and hire great employees for your small business? First off, you are a small business owner, congratulations! Owning a small business takes a lot of dedication, effort, and work. After establishing your business, perhaps you are at the point where you could use some extra help. Adding a […]

Why Blind Hiring is Crucial For a Diverse Workplace


In addition to finding the right person for the job, many companies are focused on finding the right person from a more diverse pool of candidates than they may have accessed in the past. It’s already been proven that having a diverse and inclusive company culture is not only good for employees, it’s also good […]

How SMART Goals Can Help Recruiters Get Results

There’s no question that goal setting is important for any team and organization, and this includes recruitment teams. By definition, SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. In other words, they provide a clear roadmap for success.  For recruitment teams, smart goals can help ensure that the hiring process is efficient and effective. […]

How Employee Success Stories Impact Talent Acquisition

employee success stories

For many young workers, the American dream seems like just that — a dream. Workers are losing faith in the system and in their employers, but the truth is that there is still plenty of opportunities out there. People simply need to see this success for themselves. Hearing from previous or current employees who have […]

5 Ways to Effectively Identify Hiring Needs

HR person trying to identify hiring needs and budget

Human resources isn’t a group of fortune tellers, but they might be the next best thing. Before your company finds itself in dire need of specific skills, HR will have prepared a recruitment solution. This, however, is no magical feat, nor a walk in the park. Identifying and addressing hiring needs is a delicate and […]

Step-By-Step Guide on the Full Cycle Recruiting Process

HR team discussing their full cycle recruiting process

Recruiting can be a really disjointed process. Working with a team allows the burden of hiring to be shared evenly, and allows for a diverse approach — but it can also result in some issues.  Team members’ differing visions/expectations for the hiring process can cause communication issues, arguments, and performance issues. Full cycle recruiting was […]

How to Find the Right Candidate for the Job

A recruiter trying to find the right candidate for the job

There’s no feeling quite like finding a unicorn candidate. For many HR team members, finding the perfect candidate for an open position seems like a dream. There are too many open jobs and too few candidates that fit the bill.  While it can seem like a fantasy, hiring an employee that checks off most if […]

The Drawbacks to Hiring for Culture Fit

HR team discussing hiring for culture fit

Whether or not hiring for culture fit is effective or not is hotly debated in the field of HR. On one hand, finding employees who align with your company is every recruiter’s dream. On the other hand, there’s a persistent worry that culture fit is simply a way to disguise personal preference. This, however, is […]

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Onboarding

new employee being onboarded

Onboarding is a key part of the hiring process — but in their haste, some companies overlook the process — or drop it completely. By doing so, they’re not only crippling their new employee’s productivity but are fostering a negative work environment. This can have serious consequences for the employer, such as an increase in […]

In-Person Interview vs. Video Interview: Which is Best?

Hiring manager conducting a video interview

The internet has provided interesting alternatives to traditional interviewing — but do they really compete? One of the more effective methods that gained popularity during the pandemic is the video interview. By getting on a conference call or using a custom engagement portal, companies were able to find top talent without having to risk exposing […]

What is Behavioral-Based Interviewing?

Candidate being asked behavioral-based interview questions

The traditional, unstructured interview is becoming obsolete. Now more than ever, finding that unicorn candidate with experience and drive—and holding onto them— is key. Behavioral-based interviewing provides an effective alternative, collecting more pertinent information, and bolstering results compared to unstructured interviews.   Today we’ll be discussing behavioral interviewing, its benefits, and what questions to ask during […]

How to Make a Recruiting Video That Works

how to make a recruiting video

Recruiting videos are one of the best ways to showcase your company’s culture. While a job ad tells a candidate what they’ll be doing for you — a quality recruiting video is almost a personality piece. After watching, an applicant will understand what makes your company tick, and the personality behind the brand. Today, we’ll […]

How To Write Job Descriptions That Attract Candidates

job descriptions that attract candidates

Traditional sourcing is a battle for the attention of applicants. When it comes to reeling in the best talent, recruiters have a lot of competition. Job description quality is often a differentiating factor. It’s the first introduction applicants get to your organization, and it needs to be enticing to separate itself from the rest of […]

What Do Job Seekers Look For in a Company in 2022?

job seeker accepting a job offer

While the restrictions that the pandemic brought are slowly lifting, talent gaps are still rearing their heads. Tech skills are needed more than ever — but it’s becoming difficult to find a candidate with the necessary skill set. Attracting top talent is the goal of every recruiting team; but what does it take to hire […]

6 Challenges of a Recruiter and How to Overcome Them

challenges of a recruiter

Recruiting for one or more open positions, with such an enormous talent pool spread across dozens of websites and forums, has become more difficult than ever to navigate in the age of remote working. Potential candidates now span from local job seekers to global digital nomads, and while that means the potential to find the […]

Why Job Fit Matters and How to Assess It

recruiter assessing the job fit of a candidate

Too often recruiters will have to recount a time when they thought they’d found a unicorn candidate—only for them to become a bad hire or leave quickly. On these occasions, it’s more than likely that the job fit was poor. Bad hires cost employers $15,000 per employee at minimum, and retention rates are notoriously poor […]

Understanding the Role Each Type of Recruitment Plays

person researching types of recruitment

Recruitment strategies are constantly shifting with the job market, and it’s important to be able to adapt to these changes in order to snag top hires. Before jumping into trends and specialized ways of hiring great talent, it’s important to understand the fundamental hiring types and how they play off of one another.  There are […]

How Talent Pool Development Can Keep You One Step Ahead

talent pool development

Building a talent pool can save you time and money during recruitment — and is essential for growing organizations. As retention rates reach record lows and talent gaps widen, talent pool development becomes a more valuable resource for HR teams. In this article, we’ll be defining the types of talent pools, the benefits of each, […]

How A Global Talent Acquisition Strategy Can Benefit You

global talent acquisition

Finding talent locally has its benefits — but expanding your outreach outside of traditional methods can yield excellent results as well. Global talent acquisition normally involves sourcing candidates internationally, as you’d expect, but it could simply mean recruiting from new areas that you wouldn’t normally consider. A global talent acquisition strategy could help your organization […]

10 Fair Hiring Practices You Should Be Using

fair hiring practices

The need for quality candidates is greater now than ever—but sacrificing fair hiring practices for efficiency is a mistake you don’t want to make. Over the past half-century, laws surrounding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) have grown stricter and more specific in order to protect candidates from bias.  Failing to make your hiring process equal opportunity […]

What Does Hiring For the Future Really Mean?

hiring for the future

Hiring during this ever-changing economic climate is as challenging as it is unpredictable. With more than 4 million Americans voluntarily leaving their jobs each month, figuring out how to hold onto talent is becoming the top priority for employers. When hiring for the future, it’s important to take into account not only the future of […]

6 Important HR Report Metrics for Recruiters

An HR team reviewing their quarterly hr report

Creating a concise and effective HR report takes planning. Knowledge of the most relevant metrics to your organization is the key to an HR report that communicates worthwhile information. These metrics change not only from company to company — but also shift as the year’s pass. As 2022 kicks off, there are a number of […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Pre-Employment Assessments

Team evaluating applicants during pre-employment assessments

With the number of organizations choosing to mass hire increasing rapidly, things can get overwhelming for HR teams. The average time it takes for a recruiter to screen a resume is around 6-7 seconds each. While that seems quick if thousands of resumes are coming in regularly that task can take up a lot of […]

4 Ways to Make Scheduling Interviews More Efficient

conducting and scheduling interviews

Interviews take a lot of time and resources if done the traditional way. Getting the recruitment plan approved, selecting candidates, and securing a location for the interview are just a few of the preparatory steps. The current talent gap has made the traditional interview process often too costly to be effective — but there are […]

How To Find Talent: 4 Tips on Growing Your Team in 2022

How To Find Talent: 4 Tips on Growing Your Team in 2022

As we head into the new year it’s important to recognize that recruiting is quickly changing. Remote and hybrid workplaces exploded during and after the pandemic, policies are always evolving, and the employer/employee dynamic is quickly becoming something entirely new. Finding employees using traditional methods is now producing mixed results — and it’s fallen to […]

Making a Hiring Process Checklist (And Checking It Twice)

person creating a hiring process checklist

For a process as finicky as hiring, organization can be the difference between a dream candidate and settling for someone based on need. Creating a hiring process checklist is a good way to prevent miscommunication between HR and upper management.  A good hiring process checklist will have every step of recruitment in writing, as well […]

5 Methods to Improve Your Remote Interview Process

young woman using a laptop and talking in a remote interview

While many companies have begun moving back to the office, other organizations are sticking with a remote or hybrid workplace. Remote interviews allow for new talent to be brought in from virtually anywhere while maintaining safety—but holding non-traditional interviews can be difficult. Keeping candidates engaged virtually and satisfying HR simultaneously is a challenge, but one […]

3 Bulk Hiring Tools to Improve High Volume Hiring

Recruiter’s workspace and computer featuring bulk hiring tools

As the holidays draw closer, many organizations are rushing to bulk hire—and are hitting hurdles. Post-pandemic hiring is a delicate process, and if you’re not going about sourcing the right way, your results will be mixed at best. Taking advantage of bulk-hiring tools designed to make hiring faster and more efficient will save your organization […]

Why AI is the Solution For A Passive Recruitment Sourcing Strategy

passive recruitment sourcing strategy

Finding the most qualified candidate for the job can be tough — and traditional hiring methods often fall short of the mark. For positions that require extensive experience or that tend to attract a small applicant pool, incorporating a passive recruitment sourcing strategy into your hiring plan can get your organization the talent it needs. […]

Why Quality of Hire is So Important for HR

person evaluating quality of hire

Quality of hire is one of the most important metrics for any HR department—but it’s also one of the hardest to track. Evaluating how much value each new hire is adding to your organization takes time, effort, and a deep understanding of your company’s needs. The payoff is an increased knowledge of what to look […]

5 Fast Recruitment Strategies To Speed Up The Process

discussing fast recruitment strategies

Finding qualified employees quickly has always been important—but speed is a higher priority now than ever before. Organizations all over the world are still in the recovery process from the hiring drought that the pandemic caused, and rebuilding a competent workforce quickly could be what determines the survival of the company. Recruitment can be a […]

Hiring Best Practices For Workplace Inclusion and Diversity

reviewing hiring best practices

Workplace diversity and inclusion are key to any organization’s success. Setting diversity goals during the hiring process can save a lot of hassle on the back end while promoting equity and reducing the costs of recruitment. Finding a way to meet your DEI goals is now easier than ever—but with more options, choosing the right […]

How to Create an Effective Hiring Plan

creating a hiring plan

Recruiters focus on more than just hiring—but we can’t deny that it is a key part of the job. And in order to be an effective recruiter, you want to have an effective hiring plan that includes both quantitative considerations like budget and headcount and qualitative considerations like how those ladder up to company-wide goals. […]

5 Hiring Trends That Will Help Your Recruiting Strategy


There’s a time and place for sticking to the classics. Using old or outdated recruiting methods isn’t one of them. Keep reading to learn of five hiring trends you should keep in mind when building out your recruiting strategy. 1. Remote-Friendly Roles and Interviews This first hiring trend may come as no surprise. After the […]

A Guide to Staffing and HR Conferences in 2021


As an HR professional, you know the importance of connecting with people. And we don’t just mean prospective candidates, but peers and leaders in the recruitment industry, as well. That’s why it’s important to seek out and attend HR conferences. We’ve rounded up a few key HR conferences in 2021 you should know about. HR […]

How the Great Resignation Is Paving the Way For Real Change


In the United States, Labor Day is seen as the unofficial end of summer. It’s often celebrated as the final hoorah before the frigid winter months creep in. But this Labor Day has a much larger significance, one that dates to its original establishing. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Labor Day is defined […]

How Programmatic Recruiting Affects the Entire Recruitment Funnel


There’s a reason that the talent acquisition journey is illustrated as a recruitment funnel. The further you get down the journey, the fewer candidates there are—the neck of the funnel narrows and narrows. In ideal scenarios, unqualified or undesirable candidates naturally filter out of the recruitment funnel. In less ideal scenarios, qualified candidates drop out […]

How Franchises Can Combat High Turnover


Now more than ever, franchise hiring is a major challenge. With financial upheaval and massive staffing changes for many business owners during the pandemic, franchisees are struggling to get fully staffed in a new world. When you need workers in place now, the idea of recruiting and hiring can be daunting—but there are tools to […]

6 Tips For Hiring The Right Candidate


When it comes to hiring the right candidate for your job, it’s usually not as simple as extending an offer to the first person that applies. In fact, sometimes it can take many months until you find that perfect fit. So what can you do to ensure you hire the right candidate? Keep reading for […]

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Attrition


Turnover and employee attrition are often thought of as bad words in the recruitment and HR space. But there’s no use in denying that they happen—and they can’t be ignored if your company is facing unwanted employee attrition. Keep reading to learn more about what employee attrition is, how it differs from turnover, and what […]

Recruitment Software for Small Business and Franchises


Though it’s true that the job marketplace has continued to become increasingly competitive, there are now new tools and software available that can help your organization overcome hiring challenges. Whether you’re at a small business or a franchise, you should be utilizing recruitment software. Below we outline popular options and the various benefits for you […]

Why You Should Build A Proactive Recruitment Strategy


“The early bird gets the worm” may be one of the most commonly used phrases for encouraging proactivity. There’s a reason why—in many instances, it holds true. And when it comes to recruitment, the early bird can get several worms. Keep reading to learn why your HR team should be employing a proactive recruitment strategy—and […]

How People Analytics is Changing the Future of HR


Like many industries, HR has faced a variety of changes over the past several years (and the past year in particular!). Some shifts are more temporary than others, but one practice that seems here to stay is the usage of analytics in the HR and people field. So why are people analytics so important?  What […]

Using the Right Hiring Tools To Reach Your Company Goals


Every company is different—which means every company’s hiring goals are going to vary. That’s why powerful, customizable hiring tools exist so organizations can use modern technology to their advantage. Keep reading to learn about some of the hiring tools you and your company may want to consider to improve your hiring process and how to […]

Future of Recruitment: Strategies to Get Ahead of the Competition


In the recruitment world, things move fast. To help you keep up, we’ve taken a look back at past tactics—and put together a list of trends and strategies you need to know for the future of recruitment.  Then and Now Let’s take a look at some past strategies, where we are today, and what that […]

Smart Hiring Tips For Finding The Best Candidates


A common sports saying goes “Your team is only as strong as its weakest player.” There’s a reason the saying has stuck around—while it may seem cliché, it’s also true. In the analogy of a company as a sports team, the same mentality holds up. Your organization will only perform as well as all its […]

2021 Artificial Intelligence Trends In Human Resources


2020 was an unexpected year. The biggest trend in HR, arguably, was transitioning to remote work. For many teams, that meant looking at ways to use new, modern technology—like artificial intelligence—effectively. As we’ve started to return to certain levels of normalcy, there is more for HR teams to think about than just remote work, but […]

How AI Improves Candidate Engagement During Recruiting


The way you interact with a candidate from the first touchpoint and throughout the recruitment process can greatly affect their perception of your company. Effectively engaging with a candidate can sometimes mean the difference between someone accepting a job offer and someone dropping out of the interview process entirely. That’s why candidate engagement is an […]

Building Your Talent Pipeline Post-Pandemic


2020 was a difficult year—for both individuals and businesses. HR professionals don’t need us to tell them that; as people who effectively serve both individuals and businesses through their job functions, they know the realities of the pandemic. If you’re at an organization that is reopening roles for the first time in a year, chances […]

The Cost of Employee Turnover And How To Prevent It With AI


Employees leaving is a natural part of today’s workplace. Sometimes people retire after serving your organization for several years, sometimes they want to seek out a new challenge, and other times they may be making a career move. None of these are red flags—but what happens when your organization is seeing increased or steady employee […]

Spilling The Tea On Recruiting Candidates & Candidate Experience


Years ago, I wrote a post on the power of social listening and that there are essentially two ways to listen. There is listening to respond and listening to understand. When you listen to respond, you hear what you want to hear and respond in a way that will make the person you were listening […]

The Hunt Forges On: The Power of Partnership


There’s something to be said about the power of the perfect pairing. Like bourbon and a good time, one enhances the other. It’s that X-factor where one plus one, is so much more than two. As a company, we believe in the power of pairings and partnership. And with that in mind, we recently hosted […]

Programmatic Advertising Explained: How Programmatic Job Advertising SHOULD Work

programmatic advertising definition

If you’re feeling frustrated with traditional job advertising, you’re not alone. Two-thirds of companies are looking for a better option than manual job ad negotiation, posting, and monitoring. And on average, 40% of job advertising spend is straight-up wasted, according to Aptitude Research. It’s a system whose time has passed. But what is the alternative? […]

How AI Enhances Sourcing Tools For Recruiters


A large talent pool can be a good and a bad thing for recruiters. It can mean that you have your pick of candidates—but it can also mean that you have to spend time wading through unqualified candidates before you find the ones with the skills and experience you need. Which is why recruiters are […]

8 Strategies to Master High Volume Hiring


Recruitment strategies can and should vary based on the size of the company and the company’s needs. Talent acquisition specialists at larger companies in particular—or mid-sized ones during a hiring boom—may already be familiar with high volume hiring. This post defines high volume hiring and breaks down some helpful strategies for mastering this specific recruitment […]

A Look at the Post-COVID Hiring Landscape


It’s hard to accurately capture just how volatile and disruptive the global pandemic has been to the entire work world. Almost overnight, everyone from lean startups to huge multinational corporations had to rethink how they operated and conducted business at every level while facing massive headwinds due to economic, social, and cultural uncertainty. As a […]

What Is Programmatic Recruiting and What Does It Mean For Your Company?


Trends in popular workplace technology come and go. But the technology that actually lives up to its claim and makes your job easier? Well, that tech is here to stay. And it’s why programmatic software has only become more popular over recent years. Keep reading to learn what “programmatic” means, the various jobs that this […]

How Programmatic Recruiting Can Enhance Your Sourcing Strategy

a young job seeker looking for work via a programmatic job advertising campaign

Employers and talent acquisition specialists know that we’re in a competitive job market. With hundreds of job boards, not to mention social media channels and old-school word-of-mouth, there is an overwhelming number of factors to consider when thinking about a sourcing strategy. Keep reading to learn what sourcing strategies in recruitment are available, and why […]

The Phases Of Programmatic Job Advertising Adoption


Today’s tools empower businesses to optimize their recruitment programs and do more with less than ever before—provided they develop their strategies intelligently. The importance of deploying a thoughtful and carefully considered talent acquisitions approach cannot be overstated, which is why companies like PandoLogic have invested considerable time and effort to help companies reach a fully […]

How Strong Job Titles Can Attract The Best Candidates


You already know that prospective employees don’t start their job search by looking at the classifieds with a red pen in hand. They’re not even looking at just one online job board—they’re looking at many, bookmarking, comparing, and weighing job listings against one another. HR professionals know all too well that recruitment is more competitive […]

Can Recruitment Technology Improve the Candidate Experience?


If you’re a seasoned recruitment professional, you’ve undoubtedly had to navigate through an anxiety-producing array of unpredictability over the last few years as the industry has evolved at breakneck speeds. This volatility is attributable to significant forces that have impacted the entire work world—and chief among these is the relentless and unavoidable march of new […]

Big Data Metrics That Matter For HR Recruitment

an image of a woman scrolling through her phone that is displaying hr recruitment big data metrics

You already know we live in a tech-driven world—which means you probably also know the importance of data across a variety of job functions. Many teams, like HR and talent acquisition teams, will set and measure metrics, even seemingly qualitative results that you might not associate with numbers. These metrics can help guide strategy or […]

Programmatic vs. Traditional Job Advertising

weighing programmatic vs. traditional

As HR departments work to maximize their recruiting and staffing resources during this challenging time, few options have started to take hold in the industry like programmatic job advertising. The idea of automating so much of the job advertising process is appealing for many organizations, but getting buy-in for that kind of investment can be […]

Measuring the Success Of Your Recruitment Technology


Metrics, metrics, metrics. That’s the heart of recruiting today and with good reason: data helps us make informed decisions and allocate precious resources in more targeted, effective ways. Metrics are also handy for getting people on board when it comes time to strategizing and building budgets. However, when it comes to collecting and analyzing those […]

Prepping for The Rush: How to Recruit Seasonal Employees

an illustration depicting seasonal hiring with two people standing in front of a large calendar

As a talent acquisition professional, you know how important it is to develop a recruitment strategy that takes into account your seasonal needs—well in advance. Although this can be challenging to accurately forecast at times ( especially during periods of extreme volatility, which many businesses are currently facing), there’s nothing quite as frustrating as waiting […]

Why Data Should Be At The Helm of Your Talent Sourcing

An illustration of a person reviewing talent sourcing data on a large computer screen

Whether you notice it or not, data is at the heart of everything we do these days. It guides the recommendations you get when you log in to a streaming service. It helps you decide whether your finances can support that big purchase you’ve been eyeing. Data supports and helps us shape our lives, translating […]

An Insider Look At The Spring HR Tech Conference 2021

an illustration depicting a virtual conference

Spring has finally sprung and with it came the 2021 Spring HR Tech Conference. This annual meeting joins thousands of talent professionals under a single virtual roof to get schooled on the latest happenings in the HR and Talent Acquisition tech field. After a difficult year, one theme carried on throughout the week-long gathering: the […]

How Programmatic Solves Your Applicant Management Woes

an illustration of a man letting a programmatic tool sift through applicants for him while he drinks tea.

In such a volatile work environment, it can be a challenge for today’s businesses just to stay viable and afloat, to lead their respective industries, and outpace the competition. That said, despite unprecedented levels of change in today’s work world, the primary goals of companies both large and small remain clear: navigate through the uncertainty, […]

Choosing A Recruitment Software Vendor That Works for You

illustration of a Talent professional using recruitment software in their home office

Today’s leading-edge recruitment professionals know that their best shot at success lies in leveraging the best recruitment software to maximize results. These days, this doesn’t just mean making sure your recruitment professionals are computer literate and know how to copy and paste in MS Word or open an Excel document. Today’s recruitment software is truly […]

How to Build a Successful Job Advertising Campaign

an illustration of a talent team building a successful job advertising campaign

Does your company have the tools in place to deploy an effective talent recruitment strategy? In today’s volatile job market, companies across all industries face the challenge of continually pivoting and restructuring their staffing needs in an effort to meet the demands of an uncertain and fluctuating business climate. When the stakes are this high, […]

Supplementing Your Talent Strategy with Automation

illustration of a young recruiter getting talent strategy help from an AI robot

Despite unprecedented levels of volatility in today’s work world, the primary goal of companies across all sectors remains clear: navigate through the uncertainty, deploy a business strategy that accounts for key impact variables affecting their industry, and leverage available resources in an effort to hit target revenue milestones. Achieving these goals is easier said than […]

How Programmatic Builds The Bridge Between Marketing and Talent Acquisition

illustration of characters building a bridge that represents recruitment marketing

Just as marketing brings new prospects to your organization, so does talent acquisition. The similarities between these two endeavors has even given rise to the phrase “recruitment marketing,” and recruiters have become well aware of how the company brand can affect hiring. When it comes to advertising your job, the similarities are even clearer. While […]

3 Things You Might Have Missed During TA Week 2021

an illustration of two people discussing diversity hiring during TA Week

For so many of us, the challenge to move past our routines and reimagine recruitment was a tough one. We tossed out our old playbooks and relentlessly worked on a new one. So, last week, when the talent industry came together for Talent Acquisition Week 2021 the chance to finally pause and learn was a […]

Recruitment Metrics You Should Be Tracking in 2021


As we move into 2021, hiring and recruiting is a more demanding field than ever. Organizations need to be more and more strategic, and that calls for a metrics-driven approach that lets HR achieve its goals while managing precious resources. For the recruiters and managers on the ground, that means taking unwieldy amounts of data […]

Hiring Trends You’ll Continue to See in 2021


The return to normalcy looms large in our hopes for 2021—but it’s not here yet. Many of the new, adapted hiring trends we saw in 2020 will stretch into the new year. It’s likely the economic impact of the pandemic may have lasting effects for years to come, and the hiring landscape will continue to […]

Programmatic Isn’t Problematic: How Recruitment Tech Should Work For You


Programmatic job advertising isn’t meant to take over your hiring—it’s meant to take the busy work out of the process. While a programmatic system can run autonomously, it doesn’t set your budget goals or establish the benchmarks you’d like to meet. It can, however, work on your behalf to meet those benchmarks by using smart […]

2020 Roundup: The Major Talent Acquisition Moments That Defined The Year


In a year largely defined by COVID and the consequent upheaval, a lot happened in talent acquisition: the large-scale shift in the way we work, the grand work-from-home experiment, all the tech that kept us connected and running, the Zoom-fatigue, and the ups and downs of how the work-sphere and home-sphere collided, all while mass […]

Recruit More With Less: How Automation Can Rebuild Your Workforce

Recruitment Automation allows recruiters to do more with less

Here is the pandemic predicament for HR: There are a lot of people looking for work, but recruitment teams are low on staff. The high unemployment rate means a single vacancy will yield more applicants. This means more candidates to engage, more resumes to sort, and more work to fill vacancies. Today’s recruiters have to […]

Why Programmatic Job Advertising Saved Our Recruiting Budget


PandoLogic note: This year, we’ve all had to hit the breaks on life and rethink how we approach work. For many employers, this meant losing a lot of resources that they heavily relied on to manage their business. Trish Robb, General Manager for North American Recruitment and Talent Management at HGS, shared how HGS uses […]

How To Plan Your Best Budget For 2021


This year has been so crazy in so many ways, it can be hard to believe that the usual end-of-year tasks are upon us. Yet the calendar marches on no matter what’s going on, and it’s time to start strategizing for 2021’s recruiting budget and needs. If you’re having trouble quantifying (or even visualizing) what […]

Trend Alert 2021: How These Recruitment Trends Will Ease Your Hiring


The crater-sized disruption in the workforce that happened in 2020 will continue to change the landscape of 2021. The movement towards automation in HR tech over the last decade has helped the HR community pivot this year to support their workforce from afar amid the new remote work reality. The tech that keeps employers and […]

Why Intelligent Automation Is Your Key To A Stronger Workforce


Growing a stronger workforce begins with the basic goal of finding the best candidate for each new vacancy—and that process has grown vastly more complex over the past two decades. You can always choose the best candidate from a pile of resumes, but how can you expand the quality of your applicant pool and attract […]

What We Learned At HR Tech 2020

Illustration of Talent professionals in zoom windows during TA Week

As we inch closer and closer to 2021, we must take every opportunity to look back at the past year to help guide us through the next one. What have we accomplished? What can we be doing better? Is there a more effective way to do this? Many of us look at annual conferences as […]

3 Takeaways From Staffing World 2020


Two weeks ago marked the return of the American Staffing Association’s Staffing World conference. It may have looked different this year since it was all virtual, but what remained the same was the overwhelming amount of knowledge shared within the industry. As a proud sponsor of Staffing World this year, we wanted to take a […]

How COVID-19 Has Changed HR As We Know It


Earlier this year, the world changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. How we interact with the world, how we spend our home lives, and how we work all look different than they did before. With many businesses adopting remote work and the need to take extra precautions that we never would have seen coming in […]

Remote Hiring 101: The Best Tech for Sourcing Candidates


In this time of social distancing, you can easily stay in contact with your talent pool by email and text. So much of our hiring process takes place in a digital landscape that connecting applicants to employers is already second nature. To stay competitive when you’re engaging in remote hiring, there are certain types of […]

Building Your Automated Recruitment Process from Job Ad to New Hire


The primary component of George Jetson’s job was to sit in front of a giant machine and push a button over and over again. And looking around today’s office, as we answer emails or download information from one type of tech to another, you can see that we have invented a new kind of manual […]

How Your Talent Acquisition Team Can Prepare for High Volume Hiring with Tech


Regardless of the current state of the world and the forces impacting your business—both in the short-term and into the uncertain future—as a talent acquisition professional your primary goals have likely remained relatively unchanged. You want to make sure you’re attracting and continuously engaging with the very best available talent in your industry. You also […]

AI’s Transformation of the New Work World


The nature of work is ever-changing because technology is ever-evolving. Tech advances have allowed many to work from home during the pandemic, but in a broader sense, our technology has always shaped the nature of our work experience. In the new century, we’ve witnessed an increase of internet-dependent jobs in a global network with greater […]

How Less Can Be More: Recruitment Budget Planning for 2021

Recruitment budget planning for 2021

As businesses find themselves in new territory during this year’s pandemic, looking ahead and trying to gauge next year’s hiring landscape can be daunting. Recruitment budget planning amid uncertainty means you need to invest in solutions that will allow for flexibility and offer efficiency gains that don’t break the bank—and these solutions should also be […]

Happy Global TA Day! How To Support Your TA Team


There’s a day out there for everyone. Gastroenterologists, pet parents, professional wrestlers: You name a role, there’s probably a day to honor it. And we may be a bit partial, but our favorite just happens to be Global TA Day. It’s a day to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the dedicated professionals who […]

Building a Flexible Staffing Strategy With Programmatic

flexible staffing strategy

Gone are the days of a workplace made up of nine-to-fivers. Hiring staff to meet specific job demands when you need them is becoming more and more common—and expected. A flexible staffing strategy keys into the basic, tried-and-true concepts of contract work or seasonal staffing. While this is par for the course for some industries, […]

4 Recruiting Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

An illustration of a person attending an online conference

Recruiting trends can come and go, some with expensive price tags for new tech that might be involved. During 2020 we’ve seen a vast shift toward tech that enables remote meetings, candidate interviews, and even virtual recruitment events. The rapidly changing hiring landscape demands that HR teams be flexible, but also stick to the core […]

Job Market Roundup for Summer 2020


With the coronavirus crisis far from over when it comes to public and economic health, it’s no secret that the U.S. economy is still in serious turmoil, several months into the pandemic. The recent “Beige Book” report issued by the U.S. Federal Reserve tracks regional economies across the country is fairly grim with everything going […]

What Recruiting May Look Like In 2022


Our recent global health crisis has shaken up how people view basic business practices, from our daily commutes to how to greet our colleagues without the pleasantry of a handshake. The majority of organizations have had to prioritize staying at home by offering work-from-home policies indefinitely. For HR, the shutdown will have a lasting impact […]

Hiring after COVID: Using HR Tech to Accelerate Business


During this difficult time, many technologies have helped businesses maintain basic day-to-day operations, from Zoom meetings to remote-access desktops and other aids that enable employees to telework. But what will happen as people slowly begin to head back into the office? Following the global shutdown, unemployment spikes, and the ensuing economic fallout, the hiring landscape […]

4 Main Takeaways From TAtech’s North American Digital Conference


Earlier this week, TAtech held its first-ever all-digital North American Conference (proudly sponsored by PandoLogic). Due to global safety restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers at TAtech knew the show would go on just on a more intimate and digital scale. Organizers and sponsors alike came together to give the industry at least […]