Here’s Why The Biggest Job Ad Sites Aren’t Always The Best For Your Recruitment


Recruiting isn’t one-size-fits-all. Yet, most employers use this approach when they post all their jobs on one of the big job advertising sites. These sites (like Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed or LinkedIn) each have a substantive reputation and can get you a lot of visibility for your job openings—they just don’t work for every type of […]

September 2017 Jobs Report


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in September dipped to 4.2 percent. This is 0.2 percent lower than the unemployment rate in August and 0.1 percent lower than the unemployment rate in July. The number of jobs created fell by 33,000 after adding an average of 172,000 […]

August 2017 Jobs Report


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate in August, at 4.4 percent, saw little change from 4.3 percent in July. The number of jobs created fell from 209,000 in July to 156,000 in August. Employment increased in manufacturing, construction, professional and technical services, health care, and mining. Here […]

July 2017 Jobs Report

July 2017 Jobs Report

The month of July saw little change in employment and unemployment rates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, employment increased by 209,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent. Employment decreased by 220,000 new jobs in June and the unemployment rate hardly changed from 4.4 percent in June and 4.3 percent […]

June 2017 Jobs Report

June 2017 Jobs Report

The month of June has been interesting when it comes to employment. Job creation has increased 222,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate was little changed at 4.4 percent from the previous 4.3% in May. Unemployment has increased since there are more people entered the labor force. Employment has increased in fields of health care, social […]

May 2017 Jobs Report


The month of May has been interesting when it comes to employment. Job creation has decreased to 138,000 positions from the expected 185,000. But the good news is unemployment has fallen to 4.3%, the lowest it has been in 16 years! Here are some of the highlights for the month of May. BROAD OVERVIEW Unemployment […]

April 2017 Jobs Report


The month of April brings us great news! Hiring has picked up and unemployment has fallen to 4.4%, it’s lowest point in over a decade. Overall, the unemployment rate is near what economists consider full employment. Here are some of the highlights. Broad Overview Unemployment decreased from 4.5% to 4.4% Wages grew 2.5% The economy […]

Turning Job Site Platforms Into Candidate Experience Hubs

Job site platform

Job candidates can sometimes feel inconsequential to the sourcing and hiring process. They’re frustrated by the veil of mystery that surrounds employers. They’re over the inequity that stems from subjecting themselves to intense scrutiny by companies that may not even disclose their name, much less communicate with candidates after they apply. RELATED: Job Board Platform […]

What if a Good Job Site Platform Isn’t Good Enough?

Everything was going along swimmingly and then the job board market started to surge. New sites enter the pond now with increasing frequency. Competition for candidate and employer business is ramping up. Time was, a good job board that served the needs of both candidate and employer had its reputation set. Today, a good job […]

Job Board Platform Content That Transforms the Candidate Experience

Job board platform

The job hunt is in a near-continual state of flux. Old jobs become obsolete, new employers arrive to shake up the market and emerging technology flips the job search process on its ear. Candidates hardly know what to expect, but job boards can offer them an anchor in uncertain times through relevant, valuable content. Content […]

8 Top Strategies for Job Board Branding on Social Media


You probably know all about posting on social media. But using social and capitalizing on all of its opportunities for job board branding are very different things. Social media offers a depth and breadth of audience reach that’s not possible with any other marketing strategy, at least not without a multi-million-dollar budget. Want to become […]

4 Reasons Local Job Boards are the Way of the Future


Job boards have been transitioning into something a bit different in recent years. Huge job aggregators are losing ground, but local job boards appear to only be getting started. Hyper-relevance is the driving force behind up-and-coming job boards in the post-behemoth era. You might not have had the budget or staff to compete with enormous […]

No, Social Media Won’t Kill Your Job Board

automated email marketing Increases e-commerce revenue

“Facebook is a massive threat, as they can offer segmentation by job title. It’s only a matter of time.” That’s how one responder replied to a recent Job Board Doctor Recruiting Trends survey. But social doesn’t have to play Lex Luthor to your job board Superman. Social media keeps growing and maturing. Some job boards […]

4 Reasons You Need New Software For Your Job Board Platform

RealMatch Programmatic Job Board Software

Maybe your job board software is chugging along perfectly fine, thank you. Perhaps you’re confident that you can handle it on your own. That may be true. But can your current setup deliver consistently better results? And do you have access to the largest recruitment ad network in North America? If not, then your job […]

Oh, the Places Job Sites Can Go!

Job Sites Can Go

Where can your job board go? Anyplace you like! How do you know? The good doctor already told you so. Even serious businesses can learn a lot from the silliness of Dr. Seuss. Lessons such as courage, determination and taking a leap of faith don’t fade after primary school. If anything, they become more meaningful. […]

5 Ways the Best Job Boards Get More Traffic

Best Job Boards

What good is a job board if you can’t drive in the right traffic? You don’t want a ghost town, you need a thriving hub where employers and job seekers meet. And that takes strategy on all fronts. Marketing strategy components should be designed to bring the right people to your job board. From identifying […]

4 Surefire Ways Job Sites Nail Reputation

Job Sites

You can manage reputation and brand awareness for job sites, or passively let it sort itself out. Most businesses have an online reputation, whether they have a say in the process or not. But management is active. It lets you help shape the way advertisers and job candidates view your job board instead of hoping […]

Why Job Boards Need to Focus on Quality Applicants


Job ad posting is becoming a commodity. Borrell and Associates predict that by 2018, 72% of recruitment advertising revenues will come from services and only 28% from postings. This is up from a breakdown of 50% / 50% in 2014. Why is this shift happening? The main reason is the growing prevalence of big market […]

How Employers and Job Boards are Handling the Quantity vs. Quality Conundrum

According to the Economic Policy Institute, most industries in the U.S. still have substantially more job seekers than job openings. On the surface, that should be good news for employers, since they can pick and choose from the best candidates. But the teeming mass of choices out there makes it that much harder to determine […]

How the Best Job Boards Attract the Most Advertisers


Plans for the best job boards are rather hollow if the candidates aren’t there. It’s a catch-22. Candidates won’t have a reason to come if there aren’t any job ads. And advertisers might not have an interest in a job board without any traffic. So how do you leap over that first admittedly large hurdle […]

Job Boards are Still Evolving and Yours Can Come Out on Top


It’s hard to envision the growth and success of job boards without the third jewel in the crown: evolution. Resistance is a bit futile, as some of the longstanding industry giants have recently learned. Today, relevance depends on a keen sense of what advertisers and jobs seekers expect from a job board. And that changes […]

Should Recruiters Report to HR or the CEO?


Recruiting is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. After all, failure to properly focus on recruiting could result in the wrong talent being brought in, and this can then lead to lowered productivity, lost sales, and unhappy customers. What’s worse is that the wrong talent can place a business in […]

How Programmatic Advertising Optimizes Your Job Postings


Automated job board postings, sophisticated algorithms and a “right place / right time” reach mean your ad placement is always optimized. It’s right for the job, candidates, and even the device that candidates might use to search for work. That’s the promise of programmatic advertising: it lightens the load and ramps up performance. Seasoned talent […]

What Does Randstad’s Purchase of Monster Mean for the Talent Industry?

What Does Randstad's Purchase of Monster Mean for the Talent Industry?

The talent industry is abuzz about Randstad’s recent $429 million acquisition of the job board purple behemoth, Monster. But the talk has less to do with the purchase and more to do with what it might indicate about the talent industry’s future. Monster’s fade from the spotlight was, at least to some, a predictable event […]

June 2016 Jobs Report


The Bureau of Labor Statistics‘ June 2016 Employment Situation report gave American workers a much-needed break from so much gloom and doom, but the news isn’t entirely perfect. This jobs report shows that the early part of 2016 showed precious few rays of hope and an overall downward trend. For June, the BLS reported gains […]

March 2016 Jobs Report

Unemployment Rate

On April 1, 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment was up by 215,000 new jobs for the month of March. Unemployment, which was at 5 percent, experienced little change from February. The Wall Street Journal had predicted results that were nearly identical, so there was little surprise among economists. The biggest […]

Are There Really 600,000 Job Openings in California?


Are there 600,000 openings in California available on any given day? You couldn’t answer that by the volume of people who are looking for work, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that it’s true. If so many jobs are out there, and so many people are actively seeking work, why is it so […]

The Future of Healthcare Employment

Healthcare employment

If you are in the process of deciding what career to pursue or you are considering a change of careers, then take a long look at a job in a healthcare field. According to, there will be an average job growth rate of 19 percent for almost all healthcare related fields by 2024. While […]

Part-Time Jobs to Remain Hot in 2016

Part-time jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 292,000 new jobs created in December 2015. This is a healthy number, but it is made up in large part by part-time jobs. Is that a bad thing? For some people, the availability of part-time instead of full-time jobs can be frustrating. But to others, part-time […]

January Jobs Report: Wages Up, Unemployment Down


The January jobs report is starting the year off right with an increase in hourly wages and unemployment at an 8 year low. As President Obama said, “Americans are working.” This is great news for the economy, but it means that employers might find it more difficult to recruit the best of the best. Job […]

What You Need to Know About The ‘New VP Syndrome’


As part of Recruitment ADvisor’s ongoing series to help job boards improve their brand to generate more revenue, I sat down with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi to tackle some of the difficult questions from the RealMatch webinar ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue.’ This article explores the ‘new VP syndrome’ Jeff Dickey-Chasins […]

Why Job Boards and Staffing Agencies Should Work Together


As part of Recruitment ADvisor’s ongoing series to help job boards improve their brand to generate more revenue, I sat down with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi to tackle some of the difficult questions from the RealMatch webinar ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue.’ This article explores how job boards and staffing agencies […]

Why Social Media is a Wake-Up Call for Job Boards


Today, people live their lives through social media. Whether they’re getting invited to parties, finding great deals, or looking for part-time jobs, they will turn to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. RELATED: How to Use Social Media to Turn Job Seekers Into Applicants Job boards are a great place for job seekers, but […]

3 Steps to Gain Job Board Market Share

job board

  As part of Recruitment ADvisor’s ongoing series to help job boards improve their brand to generate more revenue, I sat down with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi to tackle some of the difficult questions from the RealMatch webinar ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue.’ This article focuses on gaining market share in […]

How Tapping Into The Candidate Experience Can Boost Your Hiring

candidate experience

While there’s no doubt that technology has made the recruiting process better in many ways for employers and job seekers, it has also caused a serious disconnect in the candidate experience. The oft-quoted Spider-man movie line, “with great power comes great responsibility”, certainly rings true here. Just because you have the technology to create a […]

Local or Vertical: How Should I Brand My Job Board?

Job boards

In November 2015, RealMatch hosted a webinar with The Job Board Doctor called ‘Use Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue‘. Throughout the webinar, attendees asked numerous questions about how to best drive revenue by building or developing their job board brand. I chatted with RealMatch Product Marketing Director Bart Bartolozzi following the webinar to see […]

December 2015 Jobs Report


The December 2015 jobs report exceeded everyone’s expectations, despite the slowdown in economic growth for the third and fourth quarter. RELATED: All You Need to Know About December’s Jobs Report The Growth Was Substantial According to CNBC, economists were projecting that approximately 200,000 new jobs would be added to the U.S. economy in December 2015. […]

How 2015 Shaped the Job Board Industry


Now that 2015 is in our rear view mirror, we can take a look back at the trends that shaped the year and try to anticipate how those trends will affect the future. Job boards definitely had a difficult time keeping up with changes in 2015, as it proved to be a very dynamic year […]

What Does Your Company Stand for?


Is there a reason for your company to stand for something to be effective? According to Jeff Dickey-Chasins, your company cannot establish a brand unless it has a purpose. A company that has a clear-cut definition of what it is and what it does can carve a well-defined path towards success. What about your job […]

Using Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue


RealMatch sponsored a webinar presented by The Job Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins titled “Using Brand to Generate Job Board Revenue,” and it gave a lot of valuable information on how job boards can create a brand that increases the value of their websites. While not every job board has the marketing pull of LinkedIn or, […]

Forecasting the Future for Tech and Media


Technology developments affect every industry, but in human resources, technology can sometimes be overlooked. This isn’t to say that the new copier isn’t the talk of the office, but how technology is shaping the hiring and recruiting industry is what really needs to be the focus. RELATED: Forecasting 2016: How Digital and Print Ads will […]

Seasonal Trends Show How Hiring Happens on the Calendar


A new year doesn’t necessarily mean new hires — at least not right away. As the job market peaks and declines dynamically over the course of the year, it’s important for job board owners to understand how and where hiring and quitting patterns intersect. If you want to learn how these cycles affect your enterprise […]

All You Need to Know About December’s Jobs Report

I made a list, checked it twice. Here is what you need to know about the December Jobs Report. Lots of Jobs Added The Labor Department reported that US employers added 252,000 jobs in December 2015. It also added 50,000 previously unreported jobs to the October and November Jobs report. One area for expected growth […]

How Mobile Can Make or Break Your Job Board Success Part 2


According to, the number of people who access the Internet through a mobile device exceeded desktop access in mid-2013. Ever since then, the gap between mobile and desktop users has continued to widen, and job board owners must learn to adapt if they want to survive. With the world turning more and more to […]

5 Trends and Challenges Ahead for Recruiters in 2016


As 2015 starts coming to a close, recruiters and candidates are analyzing the trends that they can expect to see in 2016. Recruiters always want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to matching the right candidate with the right opportunity, and candidates are always interested to see whether or not they are […]

Holiday Season Staffing Set to Soar


As with each year, 2015’s holiday season is expected to bring in an influx of seasonal workers, meaning human resources departments across the globe are in for a mighty task. Even if workers are not expected to be brought on permanently, the surge in part-time and seasonal workers through the holidays can make day-to-day operations […]

How Can Recruitment Advertising Be More Like Regular Advertising? (Part II)

How can recruitment advertising be more like regular advertising?

In my previous post [READ PART 1 HERE], I wrote about how far the recruitment advertising industry is from the regular online advertising industry. Just look at this ”Display LUMAscape” to see a visual map of the ad tech industry (viewed by 2.3+ million people). The ad tech industry has hundreds of products and players […]

What Does the Future Hold for Pay for Performance Job Advertising?


Over the past few years, companies have started to ask recruiting websites about pay for performance job ads. In other words, the company only pays for a recruiting ad if it gets some sort of positive response. While the concept can seem fairly easy, it is actually a loaded question that has several layers that […]

How Mobile Can Make or Break Your Job Board Success


If you’re like most people, you own and use some form of mobile device. In fact, you may be reading this on a mobile device right now. Smartphones, tablets, and even wearable tech have become standard equipment for people of all ages these days, and this means that job seekers are turning to mobile tech […]

The Globalization of the Job Board


According to, the United States dominated the early job board market with a slew of general online recruiting websites that served a very important purpose. It was those initial online job boards that taught the public how to use the Internet to find a job, and it was those job boards that convinced employers […]

When Job Board Marketing Goes Too Far


What should a job board do when its marketing goes too far? tells the story of a UK job board (we will maintain the board’s anonymity for its own sake) that placed cardboard signs all over London with the phrase “Found a Job” written on them and the job board’s address on it. Along […]

4 New Job Boards and What They’re Doing Differently


As the online job board industry changes, we can expect to see new entries into the job board industry on a fairly regular basis. Some are websites that have changed their name and approach, while others are brand new to the game and have something unique to offer. According to US News and World Report, […]

Why Job Boards Should Offer Competitive Pay


When you run a job board, you act as a go-between with employers and employment candidates. The service you provide has immense value to both sides of your equation and you need to make certain that your website is always bringing in the best possible candidates and job leads to keep your traffic happy. But […]

The Importance of Branding with Job Boards


Have you ever given any thought to branding your online job board? You may think that branding is not for job boards, but you would be wrong. The bigger job boards such as and Glassdoor have specific brands that bring in revenue and attract employers. With a little effort on your part, you can […]

How Niche Job Boards Can Help Veterans


An article published by the San Diego Union-Tribune tells the story of how a veteran’s job board called Hire Patriots helped to find enough work for a veteran that allowed that veteran to pay off his bills and start his own company. What is it about niche job boards that help veterans to find work […]

Why you should attend Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing Conference

Borrell Conference

It’s the fall and so begins the conference season. One conference not to miss is Gordon Borrell’s Advantage:GeoMarketing. Here is why: Borrell’s Expertise Borrell’s insights into the multi-million dollar recruitment services market suggest that companies spent more on recruiting in 2014 than they did in 2013. Two-thirds of those companies plan to increase spending by […]

Eeek! 4 Ways to Avoid Turning Into a Zombie Job Board

When the bottom fell out of the global economy in 2008, the effects were felt in every business sector. Aside from the financial world, one of the hardest hit industries was the online recruiting industry. With very few jobs to advertise and a glut of people looking for jobs, job boards suddenly found themselves struggling […]

3 Steps to Creating a Compelling Job Ad

job boards

Your employers are investing a lot of money to find the right candidates and your job board does its part by offering the right features and tools to help in the hunt. But if you really want to help your employers to find success, then you need to give them practical advice on creating a […]

The Best Job Boards Value Employee Candidates


The Best Job Boards Value Employee Candidates A far too common mistake among job board startups, according to Job Board Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins, is too much focus on attracting employers and not nearly enough on reeling in job candidates. While it’s understandable for a service to focus the bulk of its time and resources on […]

4 Ways Employers Use Job Boards for Brand Management


Job boards are just for employers to post position openings, right? Wrong! Employers can also use job boards for brand management. A brand is an employer’s visual identity that makes a business recognizable and leaves a lasting impression on potential employees. Branding is important because it helps employers stand out from the crowd. SEE ALSO: […]

Uncover What Your Job Board Could Be With RealMatch [INFOGRAPHIC]

A RealMatch Thanksgiving

There are all kinds of reasons why many publishers are choosing RealMatch as their recruitment advertising platform. In this infographic, we explore some of the key differences between RealMatch and some of our competitors. Uncover what your job board could be with RealMatch and see what those purple guys aren’t delivering: 1 of a kind: […]

For Job Boards, Knowing Your Candidates Often Equals Success

For Job Boards, Knowing Your Candidates Often Equals Success

A job board requires two things to be successful – employers and good job candidates. Most job boards spend a lot of time and effort catering to their employers because the employers offer a steady stream of revenue. But without good candidates, a job board is unable to attract employers that feel the service is […]

3 Ways to Draw More Female Applicants

3 Ways to Attract More Female Applicants

According to U.S. News and World Report, the percentage of women in the workplace has gone from 27 percent in 1979, up to 41 percent in 2014. A jump of 14 percent in less than 40 years means that employers can expect more women to be looking for jobs in the coming years and that […]

3 Key Steps to Unleashing the Power of Job Boards


Job boards. People either hate them or love them. But there is one thing we can all agree on – you can’t ignore them. Why Job Boards? Job boards serve two important purposes. 1. They get job seekers in front of the right recruiters and hiring managers, helping job hunters cast a much wider net, […]

Industry Trends All Job Boards Need to Know


Now that the recession of 2008 is in our rearview mirrors and fading into the distance, it is time to re-evaluate the recruiting trends going forward. Job boards that understand how to evolve and change will be the ones that capitalize on the new trends, while job boards that stick to the old ways will […]

As Unemployment Drops, How Can Job Boards Increase Traffic?


According to the latest announcements, unemployment rates are down and continuing to drop around the country. For organizations operating job boards, this is both good and bad news. Many publishers are concerned that lower rates of unemployment will mean less traffic and applications; conversely, people searching for jobs are more likely to more qualified and […]

What People Want in Their Job Search Engines


As the economy continues to slowly improve, there’s no doubt that both employers and job seekers are going to be increasing their activity online, and now is a great time to start getting your job board optimized for people in both of these categories. In order to do this effectively, however, you need to first […]

Tech Hiring in 2015: What’s Next?

tech trends

What kinds of tech hiring trends can you expect to see in 2015? Recent years have created some choppy technological waters for the business world, from the rising tides of increased mobile usage to the crashing waves of malicious security breaches. All these ups and downs will most likely affect hiring in the following ways. […]

3 Takeaways from the Next Generation of Job Sites


Today’s latest job sites are taking a whole new approach to the candidate – recruiter relationship. Instead of encouraging companies to post static jobs ads, they’re instead giving more power to candidates, finding ways to make the recruiting process more interactive, and even using technology to serve a headhunters for in-demand candidates. Here’s a closer […]

3 Common Traits the Best Job Search Engines Share

job boards search engine

Running a job board in today’s ever-competitive digital world means paying attention to what successful job boards and job search sites are doing. Failing to keep up with changes and improvements could spell certain death for your own job board as employers, recruiters, advertisers, and job seekers will be more likely to go to your […]

Tech Hiring Trends: A Triple Play of Mobile, Big Data, and Network Security


As technology changes the way people do business, it also changes the way businesses hire people. Robert Half Technology’s annual report on tech hiring trends places the spotlight firmly on big data, mobile, and network security technology as the biggest drivers for 2015. Let’s take a closer look at how and why these trends have […]

3 Takeaways from the New Monster-Twitter Alliance

twitter-and-monster is known as a destination for employers and job seekers, but until recently, the company hasn’t done much in the way of connecting with users via social media. That has changed, however, as the company’s Monster Social Ads will begin appearing in front of Twitter users in a proactive attempt to reach more people […]

3 Lessons Job Boards Can Learn from Social Media Sites


Social media sites have organically achieved the goals that publishers have worked hard to crack for decades: high-levels of interest, shareability, and visibility. Employers who are seeking the widest reach with their jobs are looking for the job boards that have tapped into those same thought processes. Job boards can increase the success of postings, […]

Reputation Management For Job Boards

reputation management for job boards

If you have a job board on your trade publication website or local news site, or if you’ve considered adding one as part of your revenue development plan, you have undoubtedly heard comments about how job boards are dead or dying. People have been saying it for years, even though they’re the top source for […]

How Employers Gauge the Effectiveness of Job Boards


It’s this simple: Your job board needs employers. Sure, it doesn’t have an audience without candidates, but it’s not going to have candidates without employers. So, how can you attract employers to your job board? You can do that by adding features and services to your board that they’re looking for. Here are three ways […]

The Future of Recruiting and Hiring Technology


Recruiting is evolving at such a rapid pace these days that even people who work in the field are overwhelmed by the progress. John Christopoulos, marketing manager for recruiting software company Workable, says there are plenty of exciting innovations and developments like new niche job boards and applicant tracking systems popping up daily. But he […]

4 Ways Your Healthcare Job Board Can Offer More Value


As unemployment and underemployment remain high these days, healthcare professionals are seeking careers and open positions more than ever. Although this may seem like bad news, it can actually be positive news for people who run or wish to create healthcare job boards. While traditional job boards on the web focus on offering a myriad […]

Expert Interview with Chris Bale on Niche Job Boards and Recruiting


Chris Bale is an expert on niche job boards and niche recruiting; after all, as the founder and head of eTaxJobs, niche recruiting is all he does. Chris talked to us about niche recruiting, how to get the most out of a job board and how employers can do more with their employment search. What […]

Which Niche Industries Need Specialized Job Boards Now?


The buzz is all about niche job boards. The mega job hosting sites have plenty to offer on a grand scale, but niche makes it more personal. The question is, which industries are growing; which have a stronger potential niche market than the others?The best approach is to go straight to the source, and that’s […]

Can Monster Regain Its Mojo?


To say that things with have been a bit chaotic lately would be an understatement. After dealing with two major data breaches in 2007 and 2009 that caused identity theft issues for millions of users, the company was notified by NASDAQ that it could be delisted from the market because it was not reporting […]

The 3 Most Important Statistics for Measuring Job Board Success

measure the success of job boards

If you run a job board, you know it is important to monitor your board’s vital statistics if you want to know whether the website is a success. You need hard numbers to track your recruiting success, but with so many content management systems available to analyze these numbers, it is easy to become overwhelmed. […]

Expert Interview with Imriel Morgan on Mobile and Social Recruiting

social recruiting 3

Unless you stopped leaving your house sometime before the Y2K bug was expected to destroy the world as we know it, you’ve probably noticed that mobile devices are kind of a big deal.And if you’re a business owner who wants to recruit top-notch employees more effectively, then experts advise you jump on the mobile bandwagon […]

The 4 Most Popular Job Boards for Nurses


Niche job boards for nurses have one thing in common — they help connect the right nurses with the right employers. Beyond that, there’s a lot of variation among the most popular ones with the highest traffic. Some job seekers want to get in, find a job that they want, and get back out again. […]

Expert Interview with Jacco Valkenburg on Social Recruiting


Whether it’s a business hoping to track down more qualified job candidates or job seekers wanting to get on the inside track with a coveted position, employer branding and recruitment consultant Jacco Valkenburg recommends harnessing the power of social media.“Instead of relying on selecting from the best possible applicants, organizations can use social media to […]

Expert Interview with Matt Berndt on User-Friendly Job Sites

user friendly website

  The answer to building an audience of job seekers to your job board is simple, says career expert Matt Berndt: Respond to questions quickly, honestly, candidly and with helpful information, specific to what the person was asking. Oh yeah, and offer actionable advice. “People don’t want to hear from you long after their need […]

Go Where the Healthcare Candidates Are: Mobile, and Social

healthcare mobile and social

Are job boards headed for extinction? If you listen to the rumors, they certainly are. You might even think their eminent death is drawing near, but then again, those same rumors have circulated on and off since 2011 and jobs boards are still alive and doing well. Although it doesn’t appear that job boards are […]

Running a Political Job Site with Tom Manatos

niche job board

There’s no rest for the owners of job boards – especially if their sites are targeted to people hoping to work on Capitol Hill.And Tom Manatos, founder of, a board focused on connecting job seekers with careers inside the beltway and beyond, should know. SEE ALSO: How to Make Your Niche Job Board Stand […]

Social Media is Big, but Job Boards are Still Tops

job board and social media

Social media was supposed to make job boards obsolete, right? Well, that hasn’t happened and it’s not likely to happen. Social media is great for sharing and keeping in touch, but few people use social media primarily for career-oriented self-marketing. People certainly build connections online related to working life, but the “social” in social media […]

Interview with Ryan St. Germaine on Online Job Boards


There’s no question that online job boards have the upper hand over now-prehistoric-seeming print classified ads, but that doesn’t mean site owners get to sit back and enjoy the view from the top of the employment advertising ladder.Perpetually shifting technology presents site operators with huge challenges. “User experience is so important, but the factors that […]

Mom of Autistic Teen Launches Special Needs Job Board

niche job board

An estimated 70% of Americans of working age with disabilities are not working, and this increases poverty and other societal problems. People with disabilities have more access to high-quality education than ever, and technology has evolved to the point where people with disabilities are better able to show how much they can contribute. Most Americans […]

What the Best Healthcare Job Boards Have in Common

healthcare job board

Healthcare is an industry that’s expanding rapidly and is just going to become bigger as time goes on. And that means hospitals and medical facilities will be fighting harder and harder for the best possible candidates, posting on every job board they can find. But what defines the best healthcare job boards? We analyzed 25 […]

Job Board Doctor, Jeff Dickey-Chasins, Talks About Industry Trends

recruitment job board technology

Recently, we hosted a webinar given by job board consultant Jeff Dickey-Chasis, of The webinar looks at job board industry trends identified by an annual survey of over 197 job board companies worldwide. This informative webinar reveals several highly useful insights about both the present state of job boards and job board technology, as […]

How Twitter Can Boost Job Boards


With about 255 million active monthly users, Twitter is a resource that you just can’t afford to ignore. The role of Twitter is often three-fold, functioning as a platform for self-promotion, networking, and a way to drive traffic to your site. For job boards, all three of these can be advantageous- creating conversations with your […]

Expert Interview with Peter Weddle on Smarter Job Boards

smarter job board

The way we search for jobs and recruit for open positions has changed dramatically from the days of scanning the help wanted ads in the daily newspaper. Now both job seekers and employers alike are using everything from social media to mobile apps to video to find the best career matches. And the smartest things […]

Expert Interview with Patrick Zeng on Targeted Marketing

targeted marketing

As an advertiser, it can be tempting to follow the logic that the bigger your audience is, the better chance you’ll have of selling your product. But, cautions Patrick Zeng, CEO of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc., parent company of, when advertisers try to capture a wide range of audiences across different channels, verticals and […]

What Happens When Job Boards Work too Well?

resume scanning

Can there really be too much of a good thing? Sounds crazy, but it’s true, especially when it comes to job board applicants. Job boards can draw in numerous applicants, making a company’s job of sifting through qualified candidates more difficult. So what happens when job boards work too well? A Flood of Applicants Job […]

3 Ways Job Boards Can Get the Most Out of Twitter

social media

The rules that apply to any other online marketing effort apply to marketing job boards as well. One of those rules is this: You must have a presence on social media. Social media gives your job board the online exposure that you’re really not going to get anywhere else. It’s not advertising, so your presence […]

Talent Assessment for Job Boards: What Does the Future Hold?


Job boards can become healthy revenue streams on your websites, but you can’t just stick any job board on your site and expect employers and jobseekers to flock to it. For one thing, expectations on both sides run higher these days. For another, employers have plenty of job boards to list with – why should […]

The Future of Job Boards: An Interview with RealMatch CEO Gal Almog

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The nature of online job recruiting has changed dramatically in recent years, says Gal Almog, CEO of RealMatch. Formerly popular single destination sites like are seeing a decline while search engines like Indeed are growing. And the rise of LinkedIn has been a game changer in the market. “But most importantly, the idea that […]

45% of Companies Find Candidates on Job Boards

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It’s summer again and that means another graduating class has moved beyond college or graduate school into the world of working adults. But many of them are finding that job hunting in today’s job market is daunting. The March 2014 unemployment rate for workers under age 25 was 14.5%, more than twice the overall unemployment […]